Art and Culture Program Leaders, Organizers, Curators, Owners, Officers, Managers, Registrars, Staff, Artist Residency Enthusiasts, Residency Attendees, etc.


           rural artist residencies/artist-in-residency programs, and art centres or art institutions in rural regions.

A gathering to discuss, network, share, forge partnerships, make international connections with other artist residency hosts and co-ordinators working in rural communities around the world.

 Rajasthan, India.


7 days of: meetings, touring local cultural areas in Rajasthan, India, workshops, seminars and discussions about:

  • Artist residency successes and challenges;

  • Community engagement and/or outreach programs’ successes and challenges;

  • Fundraising; Funding partnerships; Sponsorship programs; Etc.

  • Collaborations with the community at large;

  • Development of artist residencies in rural areas;

  • Individual organization’s agendas, missions, programming, and objectives;

  • Etc.


      1. Sunday, December 27 – Pick up in Udaipur (Rajasthan), arrival at Farm Studio, welcome party
      2. Monday, December 28 – Local sight-seeing, introduction to Rajasthani culture, leopard safari
      3. Tuesday, December 29 – Workshops, seminars, discussions at Farm Studio
      4. Wednesday, December 30 – Workshops, seminars, discussions at Farm Studio, desert and mountain trekking
      5. Thursday, December 31 – Touring to local villages and discussions with community artists and artisans, New Years Eve party with Rajasthani musicians and dancers
      6. Friday, January 1 – Workshops, seminars, discussions at Farm Studio, culinary tour
      7. Saturday, January 2 – Concluding ceremony, departure, drop off in Udaipur


$450 USD per person

Included in the $450 USD fee: taxi pick up to and from Udaipur airport (27 Dec. and 2 Jan.), accommodation at Farm Studio, meals and beverages, sight seeing, leopard safari, interactions with locals, workshops/seminars/discussions.

Deadline for registration and payment:

June 30, 2020

$50 USD non-refundable deposit required after confirmation email from Farm Studio
$400 USD cash will be collected upon arrival at Farm Studio




Local artisans, traditional arts and crafts.
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