FARM STUDIO – contemporary art practices in the rural community

FARM Studio was founded to realize the creative potential of exchange, dialogue and collaboration between Indian rural artists and artisans and international contemporary artists. Locally, Farm Studio promotes and celebrates community artistic and cultural identity and supports community-based activities.

Vagaram Choudhary, Farm Studio founder, host, co-organizer.

ARTIST BIO: Vagaram Choudhary born 1979 in Village Sar, Rajasthan (India). Trained as a fine artist, Master of Art from fine Arts College of MLS University Udaipur. Vagaram has a rich understanding of art and culture and its use. He collaborated with various artists, culture organization, gallery, and museum. Vagaram intends to use his in-depth knowledge and expertise to promote art and cultural projects at various international levels. Vagaram exhibited his artwork in India and aboard at Colombia global center, Paris and loop festival Barcelona, Koganei Art Spot Chateau-Tokyo, Belgrade art fair- Serbia and Zweigstelle Berlin.

Monique, Hinge Arts Projects, co-host & co-organizer of Farm Studio residencies.

In it’s 5th year hosting International Artist Residencies, Farm Studio, also a member of ResArtis, is pleased to announce it’s current partnership with Hinge Arts Projects, a Canadian art organization, for residencies, projects and outreach programs.

Farm Studio, a non-profit organization, grew out of the the rural-based Sowing Seeds Art Project. Farm Studio has been affiliated KAMAN Art Foundation, the founding organization and sponsor of Sowing Seeds and other projects in Rajasthan.

See the NEWS page for upcoming announcements, projects and artist sponsorships.

See Farm Studio’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/farmingstudio/

Farm Studio founder 

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